About Us

Web X Developer, is built on an innovative concept that we can create a more resilient system where the selling services is not the only ultimate goal but to create, grow and maintain a long term professional relationship. Web X Developer is an initiation of three skillful, qualified and experienced youth professionals, Amrik kaur(a marketing and brand building expert), Neeraj Kumar(a content and e-commerce specialist) and Kamal Garg (an expert in development and designing technologies), who have aimed to make altogether different IT and Marketing Environment to provide in house like intriguing services. From creating simple PHP websites to developing super mobile applications, right from simple SEO to complete digital marketing solution, Web X Developer deals in all. Within short span of time, We have handled many projects and have obtained valuable niche in global market. The key reason for this rapid growth is its team that comprises of highly experienced and intuitive digital marketing professionals, developers, designers, and editors. Reach us now to stay here for long..




To yield an exceptional position in real globe as such we can become a pioneer of building a healthy & long term professional relationship.

  • Being a trendsetter rather than a follower.
  • Focused on achieving the desired
  • Sincerity in work


To keep on delivering Results to WEB X Clients.

  • Satisfaction that our client will get after investing on our work
  • Superior Quality, Efficient results.
  • Systematic reporting
  • Support that will be given 24/7.